Presentations Instructions

Please read the information below carefully before preparing your presentation for the DSN 2013 conference. We will continuously update this page, please come back and check time to time.

  • The organizers will provide computers with beamers to use when presenting your work. You may expect preinstalled software to play PDF and PPT(X) files. To avoid long presentation switching times please do not use your own computer and please upload and test your presentation on the provided computer before(!) your session starts.
  • For the DCCS and PDS sessions please plan your presentation not to exceed 25 minutes. Every presentation will be followed by a 5 minutes discussion slot.
  • For the DCDV, and WORCS workshop presentations and for the Student Papers the same “25+5 minutes rule” applies. For the WSR workshop presentations expect 20+5 minutes. For the RSDA workshop presentations expect only 15 minutes (and 5 minutes discussion).
  • In the Fast Abstracts session 10 minutes presentations will be followed by 5 minutes discussions.

We are looking forward to seeing your valuable presentations.