Danube flood has no impact on DSN

Fortunately, the Danube flood has no impact on DSN.

The water level of the river reached a historic record height but is decreasing (see the webcam ). The hotel is located at least by one meter higher, then the road with the trafic. It is expected, that at the time of DSN the city returns completely to its normal life.

The below pictures were taken just in front of the conference hotel during the flood (during the last days preparations for DSN 2013 at the hotel). The normal state is when the Danube does not flood the lower road along the river. Look for the inclination of the small bridges connecting the ships and the road. The upper road (look for the tram track on the right side of the first picture and on the left side of the third picture) was not flooded. The highest flood now was 35-40 cm below the level of the upper road. But the downtown of Budapest was safe because of this lower and upper roads and the river wall made of stone by our ancestors.