City Guide and DSN Program

The Guide@Hand interactive city guide has a special edition for the DSN 2013 participants. To download it to your phone, follow the links (or directly the QR codes) on the Final Program page.

GUIDE@HAND is an audio tourist guide application available on smart phones.

  • You can standalone discover the city during their one- or two-hour-long enjoyable walks.
  • You can get from one point to another by the help of voice instructions while walking.
  • They give you offline interactive maps, therefore, you do not have to pay for the Internet (e.g. roaming).
  • On your way, you can find useful places as well (e.g. restaurants, entertainment, shops, etc.) on the map.
  • You can use it in various languages.
  • And additional to all of that, you will have your DSN 2013 final program @Hand.


Some video tutorials of the application